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Our process of production.

We are aware of the importance which gains the fields in all the process. That is the reason why we take very carefully care of our olive groves. We dedicate them the same care and attention as our ancestors did, tree to tree, to obtain strong specimens which, at the end of the process, will offer us the best gathering of healthy and abundant fruits.

During the harvest we check everything is in order. We only recollect the olives from the trees with procedures which do not damage neither the fruit nor the olive tree. Our experts choose the proper time and way to do it, before there is an excess of ripening or the time of recollection.

Finally, in order to extract the juice, we do it with strict care, only with proper olive, in cold and with mechanical procedures. The final result it is an extra virgin olive whose green gold-coloured, fruited bouquet and intense taste keep the quality of one the best extra olives.

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