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Our name and our land.

Our name has its origin on the Castillo de la Estrella (Star Castle), built on the tenth Century. Those were times of uncertain borders, when Arabs and Christians used to fight to keep or conquer the fertile land from this site of Andalusia.

From its ancient fortress nowadays nothing remains standing, but a few ruined fortified towers which withstand the passing of time. From the height of the steep hill this fortress dominates and gives personality to the landscape.

The small town of Teba (Málaga) is full of popular and native white Andalusian housings and small palaces, vestiges from a magnificent and splendid past.

Although, through the years, this wonderful place has lost some of the strategic, political and administrative importance it had during the Roman Age, its favourable weather and its lushness from its lands it still remains. On the hills from the mountainside two main cultivations: wheat and olive groves.

Castillo de la Estrella, C/ Santa Ana 18,  29327 - Teba (Málaga).  Tel: 615 24 34 88.
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